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Factory Outline

Factory Outline

Main machine device

Machining Center

This machine has a function to exchange tools automatically by moving the blade back and front, left and right, and up and down by numerical controls and is able to conduct operations (mainly cutting) according to the purpose of the machine such as milling, hollowing and drilling.
The machines are divided and operated in two categories know as "vertical machines" and "horizontal machines". The vertical machines are place in a vertical position, whereas the horizontal machines are place in a horizontal position. By this method, both machines are able to cut metals and materials on a table with a rotating knife.


NC lathe

This machine's function is to control the cutter stand, the distance it travels and the amount of speed it can reach by installing a numerical controller on the lathe of each machine's lathe.



This machine performs honing by attaching several grindstones to the outer periphery, using a tool between the grinding wheel and the manufactured item in a two-dimensional movement. Normally, this machine is use for mirror finishes and for gutting a hole into a cylinder rod(the inner surface of the cylinder).
Our company produces an inner diameter of 8 DIA ~ 25 DIA and length 250 ~ 300m / m in 10μ units.